Next Generation Fitness Woman-stretching-her-back-after-a-heavy-kettlebell-workout

Next Generation Fitness was founded in 2014 with the goal of making exercise an enjoyable experience for people, in an environment that is non-threatening and easily accessible.

We want to show people that following a regular exercise regime not only improves our physical health but has many benefits for our mental health too. Exercise (alongside proper nutrition) not only reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and multiple other physical illnesses, but it also increases energy, improves mood and lowers anxiety and stress, making life’s numerous challenges seem a little easier to overcome.

While we know that motivation builds on from the positive effects we gain from exercise we also know that the biggest barrier is taking that first step. If you are struggling with this we have a Psychologist that provides consultations, specializing in motivation, goal setting, exercise adherence and weight management.

Next Generation Fitness aims to combine health and psychology. We believe that ‘The actions of wellbeing come first; the feelings of wellbeing will follow.’

In order to meet your exercise goals, we provide one-on-one and small group personal training sessions. Training with a friend has multiple benefits including increasing the likelihood of exercise adherence and it will also save you money!!